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A team of professionals providing consultancy services in the areas of Oilfield Production Chemistry for Flow Assurance, Asset Integrity and Production Optimization, Environmental Management and Chemical Education.

Our values at Chembrooks are Integrity, Health Safety & Environment, Professionalism, Excellence, Social responsibility.

We have a multi-disciplinary, experienced and knowledgeable team. We can handle issues and provide solutions using a multi-disciplinary approach in a quick, professional and excellent manner.

Our Services

Oil & Gas
Environmental & Energy
Chemical Education

We specialise in Oilfield Production Chemistry and Microbiology Including corrosion monitoring and prevention, Oilfield Scale management, Wax and Asphaltene, Gas Hydrate, Bacterial Treatment, Oxygen Scavenging, and produced water treatment. We aim to achieve flow assurance, maintain asset integrity and ensure production/ process optimization.

Our Environmental and Energy division handles water and wastewater treatment for both domestic and industrial purposes. We carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Carbon Footprint, Liquid Effluent Treatment, Environmental and Emission Monitoring System (EEMS). We deal with energy issues from both renewable and non-renewable sources.

We provide solutions to challenges in the delivery of chemical education to children and students at the early stage of their academic pursuit. We aim to make learning as fun as possible thereby building the next generation of scientific inventors, chemical entrepreneurs and policymakers. As Chemistry Ambassadors, we work in partnership with different international scientific professional associations in promoting chemistry and other sciences